Who the hell is the demented bisexual?
I'm an ex-high school student from Silicon Valley. I'm currently in the process of getting ready to move up to University of Portland to attend college. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. ^_^;;
Why do I do comics?...because I like to. And it's always good for me to have a project to work on for when I'm bored, especially in the summer. Plus it semi-requires me to actually produce something on a schedule, so I actually do it...yeah, I'm one of THOSE kinda people ^_~;;
My style came mostly from anime, except that it also somehow got mixed into some typical cartoon-y stuff instead of becoming like, GOOD anime art ^_~ hence...i draw cartoons! Well, comics. You get the idea ^_^
My subject matter....well, I AM a bisexual, which I've known for nearly five years now (i'm 18), and it's just fun to address the matter in a humorous way. My old comic (i'm not linking to it as it was CRAP) was similar in that both of the characters (yes, there were only two!) were bisexual females. Whee! I'm struggling to introduce more characters. ^_^
If you want to talk to me for some bizarre reason, you can e-mail me at rissa@ix.netcom.com, or you can im me on AIM as pixieih, or you can talk to me on ICQ (uin 8260576). If you wanna see some of my other projects (most notably my poems), you can check out my website. This site also includes my webcam and eventually will include some of my winamp skins (only the ones that i actually liked.) Soooo that's it. Yay me. Love y'all, talk to you later, bye ;)